San Diego Neighborhoods

Real Estate

Each week I will select one neighborhood in or around San Diego and give some information of value to home seekers.

Valencia Park is a community in the southeastern section of the city of San Diego. It is bordered by Emerald Hills and Market Street on the north, Lincoln Park and Euclid Avenue on the west, Encanto on the east, and Alta Vista and National City, California on the south. Major thoroughfares include Imperial Avenue, Churchward Street, and Valencia Parkway. A large section of Valencia Park was once owned by San Diego Real Estate entrepreneur Astor Basmajian. Basmajian purchased a large area of land and broke it off into plots, developing the neighborhood into Valencia Park. He also donated some of his land to Valencia Park Elementary for their playground area. Part of this community was originally known as "Astor Heights". Population: 10065 residents
Average age: 43 years old
Homeowners: 50%
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